Age – 26
Occupation – Attorney
“As the laziest person on the planet, getting myself into the gym was bound to be a tall order and actually enjoying my workout experience seemed impossible. Gina, however, has succeeded at both tasks. Although I sometimes work in excess of 90 hours per week, Gina ensures that I make it to the gym at least twice a week and, I actually look forward to going! Gina motivates me, boosts my self-esteem, and makes working out pleasurable.”

Age – 31
Occupation – Business Analyst
“Before I started training with Gina, I could not do a real push-up. Now I am able to do at least 20 at a time. Her expertise, spirit, and self-confidence truly make you believe in her ability as a personal trainer. Her own physique continues to be my motivation for working out!”

Age – 27
Occupation – Banking
“I look forward to every training session I have with Gina. Not only is each one different and challenging, but her positive and motivating attitude are exactly what I need. Gina truly cares about her clients and their success and will always push you that little bit extra to help meet your goals. If only we all could have her energy and drive!”

Occupation – Writer
“How do I praise you, Gina, you who push, inspire and even make my muscles sore?!?! Well, Gina, you do that and more, and I am eternally grateful for the body we together have sculpted – at the tender age –well, let’s just leave it that I am over 50, well 60! I find your creative change-up-never-getting-stuck-in-a-rut style helps me aspire to do even more. I have seen changes and feel absolutely strong and proud of what I have worked to achieve! Thank you, Gina!! “

Art Gallery Owner
“Testimonial: Gina is a FANTASTIC trainer. I find it VERY difficult to motivate myself to work out and I really don’t enjoy exercising at all.
But my sessions with Gina fly by! Her energy is contagious. She makes you want to try harder and encourages you to believe in yourself more.
Also, Gina really understands what a woman wants to get out of a workout which was very important to me and I wasn’t able to find in other trainers.
She will have you feeling fabulous in no time!”

Public Relations
“Gina has been the most encouraging and effective trainer I have ever worked with. Her amazingly fun and positive attitude get me excited to come to the gym. She knows how to create a thoughtfully tailored regiment for each of her clients’ in order to target their “problem areas” and concerns. I can’t recommend her enough, she is the best!”

“The ability to differentiate oneself is a critical skill necessary to creating a successful and sustainable career as a fitness professional. Gina’s ability to embrace a client’s goal as her own all while creating progressive and engaging programming distinguishes her as a premier resource for anyone searching for overall wellness.”

Talent Management
“I’ve had the privilege of training with Gina since January 2011. During that period, she has been instrumental to achieving a huge improvement in my fitness level and physique. Gina is extremely knowledgeable, both in working all parts of the body as well as with the gym equipment. Her versatility means she can offer a broad range of training alternatives, which, combined with her responsiveness to your personal goals, means she can continuously challenge you and help you reach great results. Her upbeat personality and energy never fail to keep me motivated to work harder. She is both very professional and personable, and capable of achieving results you would not have deemed possible.”

Director, Strategic Account Services

“Gina has improved my entire body! I was fit when I first started with Gina but she has taken me to a whole new level, strengthening my core to protect a lower back injury, motivating me beyond belief, and helping me push myself. On top of that, Gina couldn’t possibly be any more fun and personable. Everyone needs a Gina in their life!”

Financial Services Professional
“Gina worked with me to help clearly identify my own goals, then designed a program set up to achieve those goals while taking into consideration my background and schedule. Her knowledge and expertise resulted in a huge improvement over my own run of the mill workouts. I’m glad we’ve had the opportunity to work together.”

Financial Advisor
I trained with Gina for 2 1/2 years. I am 49 years old and have trained consistently since my days as a college athlete. Gina is the most knowledgeable, professional, and engaged trainer I have ever had. She tailors every unique workout to my personal strengths and weaknesses.
She is constantly focused on my improvement and well being. Most importantly, she has greatly enhanced my durability and injury prevention. After training with Gina for the first few weeks, it was very obvious why she is so accomplished in this field as both a competitor and trainer. She is the very best.”

“Gina can and will show you to expect more out of yourself than you thought you’re capable of. In my first month training with Gina she worked around an existing knee injury with her skillful knowledge of how the muscles and joints interact to avoid additional injury. More impressive is how she motivated me to be better than I thought I could be. I lost 24 pounds and my body fat percentage dropped dramatically in less than 45 days. I’m thankful for the positive impact she has had in my life .”

“I have been a client of Gina’s for the past two years. I can honestly say that Gina hands down is the best trainer I have ever had. She specifically tailors all workouts to fit with one’s ability. Her desire to focus on each and every rep of every set insures that you are maximizing your potential. Gina is extremely thorough, monitoring your progress and making recommendations to improve your output. Her workouts change from session to session. This keeps the workouts interesting. I fully endorse Gina Farrell.”

Commuter Programmer
“I have always been thin and relatively active, however as I entered into my 30’s and the majority of my activity has given way to computer work, the pounds started to mount quickly.
Knowing that I wanted to make a health change and that I have a habit of losing focus, based on previously failed attempts, this time I decided to enlist the help of a professional. Enter Gina Farrell. Bottom line, I wouldn’t have been able to achieve the results I have to date without her.”

Stay at Home Mom
I worked with Gina for 5 years (started before my wedding) and have seen amazing results in that time. I am now a mother of two small children, so my daily routine demands that I am able to keep up.
I have never felt stronger or healthier. Gina makes each workout challenging, creative, and most importantly, effective! I have incredible energy, my balance and flexibility have improved immensely and I have great new muscles tone.

In recent times, I had become overweight and unfit due to a combination of heavy work commitments, poor diet and little exercise. I found that I did not have time or the motivation to get to the gym so I decided to invest in a personal trainer.
I began to work with Gina to improve my general fitness and strength and to lose the excess weight I have been carrying the last 5 years.
It is apparent that Gina enjoys what she does and this comes across in the sessions. Gina’s energy and attitude, her extensive knowledge of the human body and her ability to understand her client’s needs make her a very good personal trainer.
Working with Gina Farrell was the best thing I have ever done for my health.



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